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Dave Rattigan has worked as a freelance writer for 10 national publications and several magazines and newspapers in the Boston area. Some of it is pretty funny. To read some samples, click on the appropriate links below.

(Please note: All articles are copyright property of Dave Rattigan and require written request for use of any or all portions of writings.)

Suburban Diary: Questions for Santa? Try the Source (and maybe some helpers) Video Report as posted on YouTube. Click here for the printed version in The Boston Globe
On Father's Day, learning to 'live in the now'
My basement has turned into an air conditioner museum
10 Steps for Something or Other
"Shopping Night" in a Man's World
Living so close to nature takes some getting used to
First Person Stand-Up
Men's Rights
A View from the Cube

Ongoing Publications

As a fan of what is New England Sports, a special bond will always exist between Dave and baseball (possibly since he starred with Heidi Watney in the Olympia Sports commercial), but none the less he can talk hours and hours (and more hours) about baseball. Choose your topic wisely.

Publications of his insights into Red Sox Baseball can be found on Seamheads.com (By Dave Rattigan).